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The question may be legitimate: why should we supplement when our ancestors didn’t do so? Nowadays we can’t support our body with the nutrients from food as our ancestors could. The reasons for that are the developed agriculture technology, the hybridizing, the gene modification or the freezing so that the SEASONAL plants are available all year long. Our ancestors ate healthy, NATURAL and WHOLE foods, mostly animal proteins, from which they got all the necessary minerals and vitamins. No need to mention that our water is also depleted of magnesium, so we can’t get the necessary amount from it.

Moreover, if you take any prescription drugs, that will rob you the fundamental vitamins. For example, statin drugs may rob you K2. If you are taking contracepting pills, you can have zinc deficiency. Acid blockers can cause you absorption problems so supplementing parallel with them has no sense.

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Being low on nutrients and vitamins has visible signs. Skin problems, tiredness, fatigue or even sleeping problems can be the consequences. Hair loss may indicate that your vitamin-B level is low, or your collagen intake is not proper, but it can also be caused by oestrogen–progesterone imbalance. Even the latter can be nicely treated by non-hormonal, natural supplements.

Prehistoric humans ate all the edible parts of the animals, including organs that have significant nutrient density. Today, however, it is no longer a trend to consume them, I would encourage everyone to incorporate organ meat into their diet at least once or twice a week.

For those who can’t imagine eating them, still super organ supplement products can be found such as beef organ mix, beef liver or beef heart capsules. These are all worth considering.

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