My name is Barbara Medve and I am a certified ketogenic and carnivore coach.
My journey that led me to this path was quite long. I had always had problems with my weight. There were some periods when it was more under control and then it got worse again. I had always been suffering with losing some kilos and when I succeeded to do so it was just a result of a wrong diet or serious calorie deficit that only ended up with putting on more weight.

For many years I was having eating disorders, eating emotionally led to the feeling of guilt after eating and then eating again… no need to explain this cycle… With the many different diets and unbalanced eating habits I created myself metabolic problems, my blood glucose level was always up and down, I was on the verge of insulin resistance. I was suffering with celiac disease, got intolerant to dairies and much other food. It was just getting harder and harder to keep my diet on track and that made me quite depressed and anxious. The daily work became more and more challenging with the brain fog, I had physical symptoms like inflammation in different parts of my body, sometimes so painful that I barely could do my daily tasks, or serious skin problems that ruined all my self-confidence. I needed mental help as I was already so weak that I could not have found a way out of this whole clumsiness.

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With the help of a fantastic psychologist my mental development started. I kept making little changes and one day the ketogenic diet just found me at the right time. My husband asked me to buy him a book about this diet as he found it interesting and wanted to read about it. Finally, it was me who first read the book, I started the diet and since then I have been on the track.

As a start I took part in some coaching programs that did not fulfil my expectations so I decided to learn it and educate myself. Since my education at the Keto Adapted, with the wonderful Maria and Craig Emmerich who I am undeniably grateful for, I have been totally obsessed with this lifestyle and by following it I have reached great changes in every field of my life. Both my physical and mental health have improved, the autoimmune diseases have disappeared and I got a whole, healthy and happy life.

The aim of my blog is to help you even if your goal is to lose weight, cure your broken metabolic state, improve your autoimmune disease or simply to feel better. I would like to give you my experince that helped my live a better life and I also want to give you the valuable information you need to understand to see clear about your HEALTH. Because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. 

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