is your environment obesogenic optimized

The question is not really this…the question is how obesogenic it is!

Today, ESTROGEN DOMINANCE is a common condition. My clients, almost without exception, suffer from estrogen dominance, especially women around menopause, and they usually don’t even identify it, even though it is accompanied by quite characteristic symptoms. For example, hair loss, migraines, severe menopausal symptoms, sleeping issues, awakenings in the middle of the night, and the “beer belly” of men is also a typical sign.

Hormonal balance is important not only around menopause, and not just with women! With men one of the main causes of prostate cancer is increased estrogen levels.

There is a lot we can do to prevent this condition, by eating properly, supporting our bodies with the necessary minerals and vitamins, avoiding stress, but unfortunately this won’t be enough.

We live in an environment that is obesogenic. OBESOGENIC, because it helps obesity! As surprising as it may sound, yes, our everyday environment, the artificial atmosphere around us, works against us.

Cosmetics and cleaning products are full of CHEMICALS, microplastics dissolve from our plastic water bottles and food containers, and they all put so much strain on our liver that it will no longer have the capacity to focus on its main tasks because it is constantly trying to get rid of toxins.

Use natural cosmetics, check the ingredients on all cleaning stuff, replace plastic storage boxes, change them to glass, avoid soy, chia seeds and flax as these strongly increase the levels of bad estrogen in the body.

And for those with thyroid problems, since the T4 hormone is converted to T3 hormone in the LIVER, a healthy liver is (also) ESSENTIAL for recovery! You can’t imagine how much you can do for your liver with clean eating! Follow the ketogenic or the carnivore diet and cleanse your liver of toxins!

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