Let me share my clients’ success stories as I believe that seeing other people’s power, strength and achievement can give us the inspiration to start or not to give up even if it’s sometimes hard to keep going. And I would like to show you not only the bright side of the things. A diet is not an easy journey, it has several ups and downs. There can be and there will be plateaus, there will be moments when you feel you can’t continue anymore and want to give up. And that’s okay. In these moments you only need inspiration or a helping hand and to see that others also struggle, not everybody is perfect and getting weakened doesn’t mean that you are not good enough or you can’t do it. One of my clients just called me last week standing in front of a bakery telling me how close she was to enter, but some minutes of call was enough to give her the emotional support she needed and encourage her to go home and cook a delicious keto dish. You have to accept that you CAN HAVE hardships, you just have to stand up, get your energy back and take the control over.

The first story is for Edie.

Edie is at her early fifties. She came to me because her menopause symptoms became so severe that it made her days more and more difficult. Her migraines started to become unbearable, she had a constant blood pressure fluctuation and the hot flashes got her so hard that she suffered from them a lot. She was constantly taking blood pressure medication, statins and pain killers. These symptoms one by one are enough to make your life an actual hell, they just poison your every days, you can’t concentrate or produce at your work.

Edie was always using a towel under her T-shirt at work, because the extreme sweating couldn’t have been handled other ways. She had to sit down every hour as she didn’t have energy at all, she could have fallen asleep anytime. The mood changes influenced her social contacts and her private life as well. At a point she decided to ask for help and it was a life changing decision.

We started the work not only with personalizing the diet, but also setting up a vitamin and supplement protocol for her, which alone could have controlled her menopause symptoms. In a month her extreme hot flashes disappeared, she lost 6 kilos, but the most fascinating improvement was that she could get off her blood pressure medications and statins. And these all happened in the first month!

From the second month we implemented protein sparing modified fast, her energy and power hit incredible levels, she had never been so energetic before. By the end of the second month, she had lost 10 kilos and she is still going! She finally feels control, can also help her family with a healthy and sustainable diet. Since she understood that consistency is the key, she has been following the diet and the supplementing plan, testing new, delicious recipes and she will never turn back to her old eating habits, as ketogenic diet IS NOT A DIET, IT IS A LIFESTYLE, that you can easily follow forever.

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