Is your keto dirty?

As for me, I follow a clean keto diet that means only whole foods. My meals are built up from CLEAN animal protein and HEALTHY fats in 80%. The remaining 20% comes from ’COMFORT FOODS’ such as veggies, some berries IN SEASON, dairy and some almond or coconut flour. I DO NOT consume any sugar, grain, starch, soy, vegetable oil or artificial ingredients.

However, the situation I usually face at my clients’ eating habits is not that. Lots of them have the comfort AND the dirty ingredients in their DAILY meal plans and this is a huge problem. Firstly, because eating this way means high fat intake which is really something you do not need if your goal is the weight loss. This is mistake number one made by many on a weight loss journey. It must be logical that if you want to lose weight, you do not need to eat tons of fat since your body will use this dietary fat to get energy from and won’t touch the stored fat that you want to get rid of.

Secondly, having lots of dairy, avocado, fat bombs, such as bulletproof coffee, leads to lack of nutrients. This group of ingredients is nutritionally empty. They won’t give you the essential vitamins and minerals and it will definitely have consequences.

I personally experienced those. Before getting a certified ketogenic health coach, I followed kind of a dirty keto diet based the instructions of a ’keto coach’ whose expertise can be questioned (now I know). Unfortunately, I was one of the victims of her poor qualification, because after some months following her diet I experienced serious lack of energy, I got poor night sleep, then hormonal imbalances, I started to lose my hair and when my period missed out for months, I decided to dive deep into its science by myself. Finally, I learnt everything right, since then I have had no issues. But I bet you do not want to learn from your mistake, learn from mine and do it right from the beginning.

Minimize the amount of your comfort food and maximize the consumption of the more nutrient dense ones. And what is this? MEAT!



And getting enough nutrients and vitamins from your food has to be your goal if you want to lose weight, because you want to be slim, but not ill, right?

And finally, let’s go over processed and ultra-processed foods a bit. They are full of additives, colorings, ’natural flavor’, that can literary mean everything. There are the nitrites and nitrates which are basically natural, but cooking or frying them at high heat get dangerous carcinogens out of them. You can find carrageenan in many products which are highly inflammatory and can easily cause issues for those who are sensitive to them.

The best is to be aware of the products with an ingredient list with more than 3 items and also of the product labelled with the KETO sign. They can be quite misleading and contain tons of ingredients you do not need if you want to lose weight, get healed and live a healthy and happy life.

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